Josh Garrett is a professional photographer based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. He specializes in studio portraits and special events, and has experience with shooting landscape, product, and abstract photography.


Josh was born and raised in Bathurst, New Brunswick and moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2006. He attended to the Centre for Arts and Technology to study audio engineering and was able to experience many facets of the arts including filmmaking and photography. After graduating, Josh decided to get back to what he really loved and further develop his photography by researching and learning as much as he could about photography styles, equipment, and techniques. Josh knew that he wanted to be a professional photographer. He began freelancing around the Halifax Regional Municipality, was commissioned for numerous photography projects, and was invited to be a guest lecturer discussing the art of photography and photography as a career at a school in Maryland in the US. Josh continues his photography education through research, experimenting, and working with other photographers in and around Halifax.


Josh is now a professional portrait photographer with Lifetouch, working with students and staff at schools all over Nova Scotia. He continues to develop his personal portfolio by freelancing in and around the HRM.